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I'm really excited to share the experience of my bestselling brush lettering workshop, through a new lettering starter kit. This unique kit provides you with the perfect set up to learn brush lettering in the comfort of your own home. 


This kit makes for a great gift for a friend or family member and is perfect for any level of calligrapher, whether you are a budding letterer who's just beginning their journey, or someone more experienced, wanting to refresh your calligraphy practice. 


This beautiful lettering kit includes:


2 Lettering guide cards - You'll receive two easy to follow instruction cards, teaching you how to set up and use your new tools. From tips and tricks on forming basic brush pen strokes to shaping techniques for all your lower and upper case letters


1 Rhodia Dot Paper Pad -  An A5 dot smooth paper pad (a favourite at IllyBoo Designs) to help get you started with your lettering practice. The dots provide subtle guidance on the paper to help keep your letter shaping consistent, without the need of using a guideline template underneath your paper


1 Black Tombow brush Pen - This pen has 2 different sized tips, one for producing thicker brush strokes, the other for creating a thin consistent line


1 Black Pentel Touch Pen (or Black Fudenosuke Brush Pen) - This pen has a fine brush tip and produces smaller, delicate brush strokes


1 A6 blank card, coloured envelope and gift tags - A collection of blank stationery, which you can use to add your own unique lettering onto, to surprise someone special

Brush Pen Lettering Kit

  • Please provide the following:

    • The person's name who this kit has been purchased for
    • The address you wish to have the kit posted out to, if different from the payment address
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